Tuesday 17 December 2013

The Art of Elisabetta Campagnolo

I would like to share with you the art of my new friend, Elisabetta Campagnolo. Eli is a fantastic artist from Italy,  who I met through my Artist's Journal Workshop group on Facebook. She has an amazing distinctive style,  and specialises in  wonderful animal paintings and sketches.  Eli was so kind and has actually sent me one of her original drawings -  and you know how much I love hares!
I 'm searching for the right frame - but decided I couldn't wait any longer to share it!

I love this so  much - incredible expression in just a few lines. Eli does not have a website or sell her work,  but I think she should. I'd love to be able to  show you more of her fantastic work!

I'd also  like to share more happy news. 'Welcome' to my new great niece!  Little Charlotte Elizabeth arrived yesterday morning. We are all so thrilled -and I am considering her a late birthday present for me,  as there are only 4 days between our birthdays:)!x


  1. belated birthday wishes, your new niece must be a lovely new addition to her family, how I love new borns.
    A real beauty the hare as you so so much expression in so few lines

  2. Happy belated birthday and also - what happy news about your new great niece!! The painting by your friend is wonderful - I love the colors and the expressive face of the hare - really beautiful!

  3. Happy birthday Jules and congratulations on your new great niece. Elisabetta's hare is really wonderful - I love hares too and have purchased the pattern of two hares to applique from Janet Clare's Etsy shop - " applique picture pattern". What is it about hares?!

  4. Happy belated birthday, Jules! The watercolor is really gorgeous. I would love to see more of her work.


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