Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My little creative space

I'm always interested to see where people create. Some have beautiful, purpose made studios and others make miracles on the kitchen table. I was a 'make do' person for many years, but now I have my own studio - as I like to call it! 

I thought I'd show you my small space,  in a DIY version of  'Where Bloggers Create'. It's just the spare room in our 'compact and bijou' flat - and it's not actually spare, because we don't have a regular lounge. Himself was here long before I joined him and had commandeered the lounge/biggest/ nicest room as his study/computer mecca/happy place, with lots of IT stuff everywhere. We're not particularly conventional, though, and as there's just the 2 of us, and intermittently Oskie the time share cat, (who'll sleep anywhere) -

Can't a cat get some rest around here?
we manage!

When I moved in, himself insisted I have the spare room for my own, as it was just being used to store junk useful things.  Once cleared and decorated it became the place I now spend most of my time.
Our 1950's flat is not very big but does have a cupboard built into each room - very useful! This is where I store all my supplies. Threads, fabrics, paints and mediums, clays, art supplies, notions, yarn, roving, craft products, tools and equipment, beads, stuffing, papers and sketchbooks etc..... it all goes in this small space!  I'm always looking for useful storage ideas and ways to keep things tidy and accessible. I  have to re-organise regularly. Last time I couldn't find the hot glue gun after I moved it to a 'much better place.....'!

The door can't open any wider as there's a table next to it, and I need the step stool to reach the top,  but it does the job!

I treated myself to a Horn sewing cabinet for my last big birthday. It's fantastic for small spaces, as it folds down to a neat little unit,  but when open, gives me a great sewing space and storage.  My Bernina is usually stored inside, but I'm using my beloved old Singer at the moment as I'm making a new character. There's an embroidery frame stand and a basket of yarn just out of shot too, I notice.....

 On the opposite side of the room is an old 1950's kitchen table with flaps which is used for art, painting, clay work,  felt making etc. Everything has to be moved in and out as needed. I have to set up to work in say, paper clay, for a morning,  then clear everything up and get out my light box to transfer designs in the afternoon.  I  usually have 2 or 3 different techniques going at a time and hop between table, sewing station and PC. It's good exercise! The table cover is fabric I fell in love with and bought on our first visit to Singapore. I am thrilled with my new digital radio -  a gift from himself. I'm a music addict and listen to BBC 6 Music every day! 
My brushes are all kept in favourite old pottery. The pink vase is pre-1940's and was my mum's. The basket holds all my 'everyday items' like masking tape and glues.

Finally, in the other corner is my PC and desk, with my collection of tiny treasured possessions. (The unattractive wire is due to me downloading some photos and then forgetting to remove it for this one. You see, this is real life!)

The little sign on my desk lamp ( IKEA cheapie painted to look like metal - about 20 years ago now) is much loved as it was made for me by our lovely niece Sally when she was young. My on-line name is Sparklyjools!

There's a bookcase full of text books and that's about it - if the ironing board is up in the room as well, then you pretty much need to send for a search and rescue team to get you out! It's all mine though and I'm so grateful to have it. There is talk of new shelves coming soon........

So, where do you create? Do you have any useful tips or ideas for storage? I'd love to know. x


  1. Hi Jules and Oskie, yeah, you have some tight space there but it looks really organized. I like how you have it set up and I really like that sewing cabinet. I've not ever had one of those. My stuff is stuffed in baskets and the sewing machine is stuffed under my table where Kettle's house resides on top. I need to become more organized. I'm looking at getting some cheap shelving I can paint and put a bunch of boxes into filled (and marked) with all my crafting stuff. It's a dream. Until then, I'm up to my elbows in digging through stacks of stuff and boxes far too deep to be organized. I do like your ideas and how you keep your crafting supplies and such. Hope you are having a good week. Blessings, Bird

  2. What a lovely creative space, Jules! I love the beautiful sea greens in the carpet and the walls, and it looks as if the room gets plenty of natural light. You are so very tidy and organized and have made the most of your cozy space. I'm sure it is a wonderful room in which to while away those precious creative hours. I have been spending these cold winter days doing a lot of cleaning out and re-organizing too! I think it's something about this time of year. Thanks for the tour of your wonderful studio!

  3. how organised are you! I am envious, I could use a spare bedroom but it is too cold, I live and stitch in the kitchen as I heat that with the top oven lit. Like you I have a horn cabinet but that is upstairs, I a trying to figure out if I can bring it into the kitchen but Helen my daughter tells me off and says convert the bedroom and heat it! Mind you I would have to pay a man no men to bring it downstairs. Lets hope others post pictures of their studios too as it was lovely seeing yours.

  4. Wow, it's all so neat! When I worked something was always chaos. And if it was long-term unemployed (large textile collages pictures I made earlier), then I could no longer bear the chaos itself ...
    Now I work only with paper, sometimes ... but even then a lot more chaos.
    Material is deposited in my outbuilding (this has been a mini-farm earlier) because it looks different .. sigh!
    PC is with us in the main room, called library in a corner.
    Space is determined by a mass of books. At least they are easy to organize

  5. Hi Jules! I love posts like this, where I can someone's work space and, best of all, part of their stash!!=)
    I won't bore you with mine, as you'll have seen it on my blog a couple of times already, but I'm quite big on drawers and boxes - as you know!
    How did you do in the GYB?

  6. Really enjoyed seeing your space and how it works. Everything happens at my kitchen table and I love to sit and sew whilst listening to the radio. I am so unorganised and I keep telling myself that I must get some order in my life! No matter how much I ask the midnight pixies, it never seems to happen giggle. I have yarn stuffed in drawers all over the house and little plastic boxes filled with, 'that'll be useful some day' stuff. My PC is in the living room and I have to fight for my time on it between whatever the kids are doing on it and my volunteer work that needs to be done (however I like to get distracted by all the lovely things I could make on pinterest). So it's lovely to see how it should be done.

    All the best -

  7. Any space make a great craft space, yours looks like lots of fun ideas are happening.

    Hugs diane

  8. Goodness, I wish I had somewhere like that to work. We are working towards that happy day!

  9. You have a nice space for your creating!

  10. Your working place Looks great , so well organised and with a cosy place for your little friend

  11. Looks good Jules. I need to 'reclaim' my space. Haven't done anything for so long, that other things have found their way into my little room....That is my task before I get creating again.

  12. I also converted a spare room into my studio space...but I have to admit I do have other work spaces and other storage spaces throughout the house.....my hubby is so supportive. I Love how you have yours set up so you can move from one project to another....that is great. The best part of having your own space is that you can keep your projects out. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Love your space Jules. It goes to show that you don't need a huge space to have huge ideas. You are amazing! Love the time share cat. ;)

  14. I can relate with a small space for our creativity...I guess we all dream of a bigger creative space. I am visiting from Grow Your Blog and I am your newest follower.

  15. ps...I love your kitty and the picture of the kitty you made.

  16. You are so organized inspite of small space.

  17. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Details can be found here:
    I hope you accept this award :)

  18. Lovely to see your space, Jules - and what a pretty kitty :)
    Re. the Taking Stock idea - as I understand it, Pip Lincolne is the originator, so I always link back to her blog...
    It IS fun to do each month - some folk do it on the 1st of the month, others the last, and others anytime inbetween :)
    Happy St Brighid's Day x


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