Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Waiting for Spring....

I was really delighted with the lovely comments I received about Hopestill. Thank you  all so much.  I'm getting on well with my hare commission and hope to introduce her soon.

It's been a strange week weather wise, but Monday morning was beautiful, not cold,  gorgeous sunshine and birds singing everywhere.  Two robins were doing a courtship display in the cherry tree round the corner. The male was very  persistent,  but I'm not sure the object of his intentions was quite as keen! I grabbed my camera, and  promptly spent what felt like an hour leaping around under the trees to try and get a photo of a long tailed tit! Goodness knows what I looked like. If you have ever tried to take any photos of wildlife you'll understand. These cute little birds move fast! This is not the best photo ever but I'm proud of it.

 I took a new path and found I  could access a part of the rhine I haven't been to before. It was so wet underfoot that I couldn't get  very far, but it will be fun to explore when it finally dries up.

 There are catkins everywhere now,  this little hazel tree especially caught my eye.

 And these are alder catkins.

 I was serenaded by this lovely thrush, who was singing its heart out! (It also very kindly sat still!)

Buds look ready to break everywhere.

And hidden in a thicket I found this little early flowering cherry,  bravely cheering up the shadows! I  can't remember ever seeing it in previous years.

It's so nice to see the sun. I do think Spring is on it's way,  it's just taking the scenic route!x


  1. cherry flowering all ready, and the bird photos are great, we are having courtships here with the blackbirds, they always seem to want more apples when courting! heard last night it is going to stay mild for the rest of january, wonder are we going to have a winter this year fingers crossed we are not

  2. wow, Jules, so much green and flowering cherries in january!! It really is beginning to look like spring. We are having one of the coldest winters i can remember, but I am enjoying it - hugging the fire and making soup! Enjoy your birds and blossoms, and thank you for sharing them with us :)

  3. Oh my gosh, Spring! You are so lucky to have courting robins, catkins and flowering cherries, keep posting your lovely photographs so the rest of us will have hope that it will arrive in our neck of the woods soon! Deb


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