Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Secret Creative Cupboard Part 2:

I'll admit, I like to be organised.  When I'm baking I wash up as I work. It's got to be neat, tidy,  straight and ordered, otherwise I fret. In my ideal world I'm a minimalist,  but I live with a hoarder. It's been good for me as I've had to  learn to  be a bit more relaxed!

Enough of that, let's see the pictures! So, just like going through the Wardrobe into Narnia (well, ok, not really!) let's visit the magic world of art supplies in my secret store cupboard.

Pencils - I love pencils. Can't get enough of them. Especially Derwent pencils, because they are an old established British company,  they make great products and their pencil museum and shop in  Keswick, Cumbria is fab! Watercolour pencils are my favourite. I use them to paint all my faces and for loads of other things you are not really supposed to use them for! Here we have Derwent Aquatone, Inktense,  tinted charcoal, and  watercolour pencils. Also my lovely wooden box of Coloursoft pencils,  which was a gift to  myself when I  left my old job. Drawing, sketching and watersoluble pencils are in the pots, plus my wonderful Noodlers fountain pens and inks from  the US for drawing.

I am a  Windsor and Newton girl when it comes to paints and  I've had the wee white pan set for ever! I also love the old watercolour tin - from which I keep removing rust! It's filled with St Petersburg White Nights watercolours. There's W&N Galeria acrylics and W&N gouache below them. Jaquard fabric paints and dyes, acrylic craft paints and formulas. Silk paints, gesso, Markal oil paintsticks and Zest -it!

Not a pretty picture, but I love my tools and equipment. My latest joy is a modelling tool set himself bought for me several  years ago,  because he said I would find it useful one day. He was right! I finally needed a mini drill and now I am drilling holes in everything which does not move! The blue fishing tackle box holds spare art and drawing things. The green one is full of clays, sculpting tools and moulding silicone.

Yes, I love paper too! Watercolour papers, sketchbooks and journals, new and used ( There are more full ones stored away) Cartridge paper and Khadi paper.

This is my 'everyday' kit. Yet more Derwent watercolour pencils, ( no surprise there then)  Pitt artists pens in sepia and sanguine, which I tend to use for everything including putting designs onto fabric.
I fell in love with the pencil case which is an Emma Bridgewater design. (In my ideal home all my china is by Emma Bridgewater, and there is lots of it!)

There's also several folders of my designs and information,  fabric papers for digital printing, assorted notebooks,  my camera,  pro light-box,  silk painting frame, embroidery frame stand,  A2 and A4 self healing mats,  quilting ruler,  mini household tool kit, watercolour paper stretcher and my A3 drawing board - (stops to pant...) but you don't want to see all that!  Phew! And it's all in my cupboard !

Over to you - what are your favourite arty things? We want to hear!


  1. Oooh, that was even more fun than the last shot! All my favourite art things are there...

    I too love Derwent pencils and have far more than I need (although I'm still coveting the 24 Aquatone set): 72 Coloursoft, 24 Inktense - like yours, 24 Graphitone, 24 Tinted Charcoal, 12 Metallic, 12 Sketching plus the other sketching pencils, all 24 Drawing shades, about 60 of the old pastel pencils and a few more.

    Then we go on to W&N, which I also go for! Maybe I should do a showcase on my art blog. What do you think?=)

    Thanks for going to all this trouble, it was worth seeing. Mwah!

  2. Lovely to see all your goodies! and you MUST be extremely organized to have all that neatly stored away in one cupboard. I have a similar assortment - add lots and lots of natural elements I've collected: bird feathers, seed pods, rocks, pinecones, seashells and lots and lots of fabric. When I think of all the supplies I have, I wonder that I am not more productive!! Thanks for a peek inside your lovely cupboard, which is even better than the magic wardrobe of Narnia!

  3. I love all my embroidery materials equally, but for watercolour - the St Petersburg White Nights, every time!

  4. You are a lady after my own heart. sadly I m not so well organised.

  5. I've started painting classes since I retired and am now hooked on watercolour pencils. I love the Inktense ones and have discovered that I can buy individual ones at Pegasus Arts in Stroud. Only thing is, I can't seem to stop at one.. I stand and drool over them, lol .I treated myself to a set of Caran d'ache watercolour pencils as a retirement present. But I am coveting the Caran d'ache Aquarelle Museum quality set in landscape colours!
    And now I have started doing Zentangles, too which requires certain pens, paper, tortillons, etc - I love being retired! Lunch soon? We can compare pencils!

  6. I'm sitting here oohing at all your pencils and paint. I have quite a stash myself but it's not so attractive as it's messy, my storage boxes are never quite big enough

  7. everything has a place and I see you keep everything in its place, all so tidy and so many creative things. I do not paint or draw, no talent there but I do have pencils, crayons and some water colour paints from when I did my C & G embroidery as we used these on the work boards.My boards were very amateur

  8. Just found your blog, fascinating to see all your art materials, lucky you having a room to keep them all together in. Mine are spread around the house but my pencils are everywhere !

  9. Oh be still my heart , all those wonderful art supplies , I love pencils too and although I am not an artist I like to play around now and then . Wonderfully interesting post and you are very organized !

  10. This is so inspiring!! You are so organized too - looking at these pictures makes me want to start an art project :) I store my craft paints the same way you do - I love all your equipment boxes too. Wonderful post :)

  11. Good organization is the key when one is into different types of art! Enjoyed venturing into your secret cupboard.

  12. Soo organised wish I was the same with my art materials and fabrics. But in the kitchen I am like you . I need every thing to be clean and put away as soon as I finish cooking


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