Sunday, 16 February 2014

Spring came... in the mail!

I don't usually participate in swaps because I just don't have time anymore.
However, when you find a true kindred spirit who suggests that you each make something for each other, and when that person is Starr White from the magical Wonderland Woods, there was no hesitation from me!  I knew Starr would send me something lovely - but I never expected something as perfect as this. Just look at this beautiful wall hanging she designed and created - incorporating so  many things which are important to me.

Every aspect of Starr's design , and the fabric and items she has used have a special meaning, which she explained  in a beautiful hand written letter.  For example, the blue bird and magnolia buds represent the coming of spring, and a reminder that  however harsh the winter - it will come! The nest and egg represent hope for the future and our work and plans coming to fruition. When it seems things may fall apart, the buttons and bow hold everything together .

 Isn't the tiny nest on the branch wonderful!

The bluebird and magnolia buds are stitched so beautifully over the painting. I love the clever way Starr has incorporated natural elements from her magical woods into the piece,  so now  I have my own small corner of her wonderland here in the UK.

She also sent me some wonderful thrift shop and woodland finds for my own little stash of treasures.

It really is a perfect and heart felt gift.

If you haven't yet visited Wonderland Woods,  you're missing a real treat. You'll find  nature, creativity, art, poetry, beauty and joy. Please pay Starr a visit, and join in the wonder!


  1. Beautifully done! I love all the elements she used. Thanks for the link, I will check out her site.

  2. Oh, what a wonderful and personal surprise! Yes, with that comes spring ...
    I'm like going to visit Wonderland Woods, thank you for the tip.
    Have a great new week

  3. That's a great piece. It actually looks very much like something you would make.=)

  4. The bluebird is so fabulous! They are the NY state bird & I'm glad they are making a come back.

  5. Oh my gosh is that wonderful! Starr is so awesome! Such a great gal.

  6. this just like Starr, how I love walking in her woods and following her blog, a truly delightful piece, will now wait and see what you have done for her

  7. It's beautiful, she's got magic in her fingertips!

  8. Hi Jules! I'm so happy you like your bluebird…such an honor to see it here. Thank you for your lovely, kind words as always. Big hugsxxxx

  9. This is so beautiful in every way This would help anyone in lifting their spirits. Hope all that rain and flooding stops soon.

  10. How wonderful Jules, what a beautiful piece! Enjoy!

  11. very pretty


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