Tuesday 18 March 2014

'Turned out Nice Again....'

If you're British and of a certain age  - you'll know what that means! I'm not that old, (honest!) but I was brought up in a house of film lovers. Anyway, I digress, again. It's been sunny,  and windy, but not wet!  Things are really drying up at last. My garden plants are so happy,  especially my beautiful hellebores, which are my pride and joy!

 So pretty,  they really herald the spring for me.

 The quince is also rather stunning this year -  I love the colour and the bees like it too!

 The Kerria flowers add a wonderful splash of gold - and more bee noms.

 The weeping crab apple tree is almost ready to burst into blossom.

 Forsythiablossom -  just like a drop of golden sun.

 Rosemary flowers -  how stunning are these tiny things- like miniature orchids.

 Things are looking fabulous up in Kings Weston Woods too - golden treasure everywhere!

Bird song is filling the woodland and this Great Tit very kindly obliged with a 'beak open' pose. (Well after several minutes of me running madly around the tree trying to get a shot of it!) Hope it's lovely wherever you are.x


  1. What lovely sunny weather you've been having!

  2. Thanks for the lovely photos. In Western Australia, most of those flowers are unfamiliar so it is wonderful to see such clear photos. We are looking forward to some rain - haven't had any since November.......

  3. Fabulous pictures Jules and your hellebores are stunning! Lucky you to have lovely flowers in your garden, it will be awhile here yet so thanks for sharing :O) Deb

  4. lovely photos, you are ahead of us up here in Leeds

  5. Beautiful picture Jules. Yes it is lovely to hear the birds singing and busily preparing their homes

  6. Great pictures. Your hellebores are stunning

  7. your flowers are so lovely-good to see spring has actually arrived in some areas-we are still waiting-lol

  8. Your photos are really stunning, Jules. I think you should make a Spring Photo Album with an embroidered cover!! The pictures are too good to stay on the computer.

  9. Isn't it lovely to wake up in the morning and hear the blackbird sing? :-)
    I am envious of your garden, but give me a year (or two) and I will have a garden again!

  10. Gorgeous photos Jules! Must get myself some hellebores :)

  11. Your beautiful spring-post enjoyed me.
    Greetings from Germany :-)

  12. Gorgeous flowers , a joy to see!!

  13. Beautiful blooms. The kerria flower looked familiar so I Googled it and find my DD has it growing and will be happy to know it's name.
    I have forsythia and rosemary growing well and a few hellebores that need TLC always.
    Thanks for sharing such lovely photos.


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