Thursday 1 May 2014

Making watercolour journals

I'm going to be somewhere very different for the next 2 weeks! To prepare I've been making these little watercolour paper blank journals.

 Front view
 Back view
Inside, each of the pages folds out to make a bigger spread.There's a great tutorial  which shows you how to do this here

 Another one from the inspirational Cathy Johnson here.
 These are so easy and fun to do, and would work with any paper.

I hope they will look a lot less blank in 2 weeks! Can you  guess where I'm going? There is a big clue in the fabric!:)  I'm really excited as I didn't think I would be making the trip again,  and it's all rather a wonderful surprise. I'll try and post soon from my secret location! Meanwhile I hope you're all having a very happy spring.x


  1. Jules - you must be psychic! Only this morning I was wondering how to make a little book to stick in some beautiful copies of bird paintings that I have! Wonderful, thank you. I do hope you have a lovely break, by the colour of the cover - maybe by the sea - Mediterranean perhaps? Look forward to seeing what goes into those lovely books.

  2. off to check the links-thanks

  3. Hi Jules. Thanks for your comments on my blog, I can't reply though as you're a no-reply blogger.... gorgeous handmade books

  4. I think you must be going away to be a poor singer ?

  5. not a clue where you are off to but I am sure you will come back with some beautiful creations, have a wonderful time

  6. Ooooo I just love an adventure! Can't wait to hear about it. Love these books sweets!

  7. Exciting...are you back yet :)

  8. The watercolour journals look so delicate! I like the way you made them. The new link you gave to your new blog, though, isn't working.. Can't find you..


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