Friday 9 January 2009

The wonderful world of blogging....

I am really thrilled today! Lovely Sharon Boggon, who inspired me to start my blog, has blogged me! I commented on her remarks about why people blog, and she very kindly responded to me and came for a visit. Thanks so much Sharon! I've now received several more kind comments from fellow bloggers, a big "Thank You" to all of you for taking the time out to say hello and welcome me. I really feel like part of the on-line textile community now.

One of the ladies I went on a day course with said "it was a joy to spend time with other stitchers, see their work and and exchange ideas and information, because stitching is such a solitary pastime".

I have often felt like that as few of my friends are interested in textile crafts (well, that's not strictly true, they love the end results, they just don't want to make things themselves!) I am very lucky to have my brilliant and creative friend Kate, who encouraged and supported me to face my fear of the dreaded sewing machine, and Maudette in NZ, who is a wonderful quiltmaker and embroiderer and who's excellent advice was to "just have a go and don't worry about it"!

We had a lovely day today, spent at the Museum, where we'd gone to see the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition " pictures. Unfortunately the queues were so huge we decided not to bother, and enjoyed the rest of the exhibits instead! When we got there I realised I'd forgotten my camera, so I will have to return as I was particularly impressed with the amazing Eastern Arts section, which is stunning.

I haven't had time to stitch over the last couple of days, but I did have a go at making some wet felt a couple of days ago. I have found a lovely shop which sells beautiful Corriedale fleece, and couldn't resist buying a small selection of their fantastic colours. I have no idea about the proper technique, but it didn't come out too badly for a first attempt, I need to practice a lot though! Just made some little coasters and a purse. I tried needlefelting for the first time and made the little heart emblem, that I found great fun and very theraputic! I've just posted the picture because the colours came out so well and you can see the vibrancy.

So, currently, I have my birds embroidery to continue with, one doll (ok, well, her body parts ) ready for the next stage, I have to come up with a design idea (and actually begin something) for embroidery class on Tuesday, make some birthday presents, oh, and I want to sign up for one of Sharon's on-line classes in February. Well, you can never say you're bored if you stitch!

Thanks again everyone, and I do hope you'll keep in touch.

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