Sunday 18 January 2009

Looking Back...

I haven't done anything this week, due to travelling for work, having my partner's son to stay and not being too well, but we did visit friends for dinner last night who have two of my "pretend" stumpwork embroideries, so I thought I would take my camera along!

I had to photograph these rather quickly and one picture had to be taken in situ so they're not brilliant, but at least you can tell the stitching has held up reasonably well as both have been on the wall and moved from room to room over the last 10 years! My friends are both real nature lovers and hinted if I ever had time they would like a picture, so I designed the kingfisher one to represent some local lakes which hold special memories for them.

The second picture of the two long tailed tits was done as their engagement present, and sort of designed itself into being a "heart" shape.

It was nice to look back and remember how much I enjoyed creating them. I hope to get back into action more next weekend, as I've got another busy week ahead, but .... Hooray! Great news! I have been officially told that I can reduce my hours at work from Feb 1st. I'm going to have 2 days a week off and more time to devote to the important things in life!

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