Friday, 6 February 2009

Still here...

I just haven't had time to blog over the last couple of weeks, work has been frantic with loads of travelling and I haven't been too well - most of my spare time seems to have been spent asleep! I haven't been entirely idle though, and have just managed to complete my second doll.

She says her name is Rhiannon and she's a type of Celtic wood nymph. She didn't start out as one though! Someone commented to me that these dolls take on a life of their own. Well, Rhiannon certainly did, she simply was not happy with my original idea and she was most definite about it! I'm really pleased with her as my first attempt at needle sculpting and face painting, I had huge fun with that.

I didn't buy anything to make Rhiannon. Her head and body are made out of an old 1940's bed sheet of my mum's! I dyed her with Setasilk paints. Her hair is Corriedale wool tops. Her bodice is felt underneath which I made to bulk her out and give her warmth ( it's cold in those Celtic forests!) It's overlaid with my first attempt at machine embroidery on water soluble fabric. Her skirts are made from an old beach cover up and a chiffon scarf. The shoes are plain felt with various beads, and her headdress is made from an old scrunchie. I used Patti Medaris Culea's simple doll pattern from her first book with a different head.

Creating Rhiannon has given me the confidence to make a more complex figure, so I've treated myself to some finger turners and Primatex cotton from Jan Horrox, and I hope that my next doll will have proper fingers, if I can manage to do them!

This week is my first week at reduced hours, so I'm intending to spend a couple of days a week on my projects now. I'm feeling better and off the antibiotics which is good, but unfortunately still have the problem, which just doesn't want to go away. Never mind, at least I have some energy at last.

I've missed the last 2 weeks of my Embroidery group because I've had to travel for work, and this week I have to go to London again on Tuesday, so I really need to catch up with myself. I am going to try and set aside some stitching time each day. I'm really impressed by people who do this and blog about it too, hope I can try to emulate them! I've treated myself to several crafty books from Amazon, so I shouldn't be short of ideas.

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  1. You have brought to life a beautiful and intriguing creature from what you had on hand. Congratulations!

    And thanks for leaving that very nice comment on my blog...I am so glad my tutorial was helpful.....have fun with your CQ...and remember: No Rules...
    ;-) Allie


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