Thursday 1 October 2009

Hi, to all my friends in Blogland - I'm still here!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth at all.

I feel very guilty I haven't blogged. I started my Drawing course with the OCA and had to set up a special blog Jules OCA Blog
(I obviously wasn't feeling very imaginative!) to act as my course logbook. Then I had to go off to a conference for work, and, when I got back, my pelvis decided to knock itself out of alignment again, then I had complications after treatment - so I've had a horrid, painful few weeks of not being able to do much at all, and being a real grump bucket! I'm feeling a lot better now and the pain is less intense.

Sitting has been the worst problem again, so art, craft and computer time have been non existent, but I'm now beginning to feel like me again. I want to get back to normal and catch up with everyone's blogs soon!

Hope all who read this are well and happy, and if you're in the UK, enjoying the great autumn weather - if you're elsewhere in the world , I hope it's lovely there too! I will blog properly soon!


  1. I'm sorry to read you have not been feeling well. Take care of yourself, I know how things can happen and also how work keeps us so busy. I love your drawings from class...great job!

  2. Well hey there my friend! So glad to see you back! So sorry you have not been doing all that well. Sounds very painful! Ouch!
    I'm now following your other blog. I'm so excited to see everything you will be doing.
    Big hugs from me and the bunnies!

  3. Hope things are going better now. Your drawings are wonderful - I'm following your other blog. I'm looking forward to seeing all your class work. You are a great drawer already, it will be good to see your progress.


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