Saturday 16 January 2010

First bad, then very good...

It's been quite a week, I did mean to blog on Wednesday, but I was just too tired after long days at work and walking home in the snow. Then came the dreadful news of the Haitian earthquake, and the horrors of the devastation that has been caused. Melissa at Ardea's Nest has been reminding everyone about taking action to help if you possibly can.

The week did end on a happier note as I had a great start to my day today. My beautiful bear brooch, which I won last week, arrived from Kim at Witchmountain. It's gorgeous and smells beautiful too, as it's filled with lavender. It was so beautifully packaged, I didn't want to open it. If you haven't visited Kim's blog, please do, it's inspiring!

This afternoon I went for lunch with my friend Wayne who is an artist. He had an invitation to a private viewing at the Royal West of England Academy, and invited me to join him. Wow - amazing building and wonderful art. We wandered around looking at ever thing with a glass of wine ( just a very small one for me!) I enjoyed myself so much I have decided to become a "Friend of the RWA", which means I'll be able to go to all the exhibitions, plus lots of other benefits, like workshops, lectures and visits. Lots of inspiration to be had!

I'm still stitching and here is the third piece, an early orange tip butterfly.


  1. Well your week did end much better indeed. Sounds like a wonderful time walking around drinking wine and looking at art! Sign me up for that!
    Love your butterfly! Wish we lived close so we could spend an afternoon stitching together. How fun that would be!

  2. Lovely butterfly your week ended better than it started. Hope the weather is being kinder to you

  3. I love the little butterfly and what a pretty pin. I have been cleaning out my studio...I can't wait to have it all organized again:) Hugs, Jenna Louise

  4. I like the fabric you used for the butterfly also.

  5. Hi Jules! What a gorgeous butterfly. You really are very talented at embroidery!

  6. Thanks for posting the bear picture and link to Witchmountain. I must say your embroidery is beautiful and puts me to shame!x

  7. Spring is definitely coming-he butterfly gives me renewed hope! Thanks for the nod to the West of England academy-it looks very interesting.


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