Tuesday 24 August 2010

And the other doll..

....arrived on Saturday too, and is also settling in very well to life in the States with my friend Melissa at Ardea's Nest. I was so busy getting ready for the Festival of Quilts that I didn't log on and only discovered she had also arrived at her destination yesterday.

This is Evie, the Quilting Witch:

She's all cloth (well she does love to quilt, so it seemed only right.)
Evie is a sunny soul, who loves stitching and flowers, and lots of bright, cheerful colours! No dull black for her. She's also very environmentally aware, hence her green outfit. She'll be perfectly at home creating lots of different fabric projects with Melissa, who is always coming up with wonderful and practical stitching ideas. I hope Evie makes herself useful!

So there we have two very different dolls, for two very special and talented ladies!

Now the show - well, it was a great day, and as it was the final day of the four it was relatively quiet, pleasant and easy to walk around. Having said that, it's so huge, that we did not see even half of what was on show, and I'm afraid we had to spend a large proportion of time looking around the marketplace, ahem. I bought lots of pretty fabric, some silks and embellishment for my doll course, and this book, which is a advance copy signed for me by the author, Lisa Lam of U - handbag.

She has some great pictures of the show over at U- handblog. It was great to meet Lisa, I've found her tutorials so useful. She's lovely, and great fun. The book is excellent, rather than the usual idea of several easy projects to follow it's a really useful guide to creating bags, and making them look professional. It's like having all your tutes in one place and being able to carry it around. There are lots of tips and tricks and it's written in a user friendly and fun style, with really good photo references. A winner!

My friend Helen bought Kafe Fassett's new book and he signed it, but he was rather quiet. We got the feeling he would rather not have been there..... It was great seeing his quilt designs 'for real' thoug,h and also those of Jane Brockett, I'm going to try one of her quilts for my patchwork class. Sadly we missed seeing Amy Butler, maybe next time. There were no dolls or doll related items which I could see, nor hand any embroidery, I probably need the Knitting and Stitching Show for that........ x


  1. Glad you had a great time at the FoQ-it's several years since I went but your description took me right back.And I am glad you met Lisa U-handbag-I love her stuff and have made several from her patterns.
    Looking forward to seeing how you use your new stash

  2. I so love Evie! She is getting along marvelously and I do think she likes it here! So glad you had fun at the show!

  3. Evie is just a lovely gal! Another beautiful creation girlfriend!
    Sounds like the quilt show was fun with lots of big name people. Wow!
    Also sounds like you got lots of goodies to play with. Looking forward to seeing them.
    xx, shell and sugie bunny

  4. Your new doll has the most wonderful expression on her face. Such a cute name for her as well.

    As far as the show goes, I'd give anything to meet Kafe. I have all of his books and I especially love his collabration on his mosaic book. Funny that he would be so quiet at the show.

    You are on a roll girl! Looking forward to many more of your exciting posts.

  5. Hey! Another work of art you've got there!=)

    Terrific looking book too. I've been wanting something like that, so thanks for the recommendation!

    Glad you enjoyed 'Kyoto'. 'Tokyo' goes live in just an hour's time....

  6. HI Jules
    Beautiful dolls and the shoes are so cute. Your dolls have beautiful faces which I think are the hardest part of the doll

  7. sounds like you had a wonderful time, yea. And the dolls are wonderful!

  8. Your little Evie is so very cute. Love the little details you have added on her.

    I hope to go for the Knitting and Stitching show in London. If you are going to the London one let me know maybe we could meet up

  9. I love your dolls, haven't made one for a while seeing yours think I will start another. What a joy to receive a story with a doll.
    hugs jill

  10. sounds like you had a great time, pity Kaffe was moody.

  11. She's gorgeous!
    And the bag book sounds like a great read.

  12. She's a wonderful witch. Love the colors you used.

  13. Gorgeous doll. How did I miss this post! Just saw it on FB xxJ

  14. Hi Jules,
    I love Evie. She looks like a special witch to me! :-)
    Her colourful outfit is great!
    I also love the beautiful doll you created for Shell May, 'The Bunny Herder'. The little bunny is so cute.
    All the best with your creativity. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun at the moment! :-)
    P.S. I must visit Lacock again soon and see those mermaids you mentioned. Let me know if you ever create a mermaid doll. I would love to see her! ;-)

  15. Jules...Hello friend:) I am finally catching up after all the crazy summer activities at work and in the field. I am looking forward to getting back into a schedule and spending sometime at home. The quilt show sounds so lovely and the dolls you have shared are stunning! You have so much talent. And your kitchen is awesome! I hope to be doing a few new things here at our house in the next few months. Great to see all your postings and I enjoy your visits to mine. Happy for you!


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