Saturday 21 August 2010

Lots of crafty news

Hooray, I'm off to the Festival of Quilts tomorrow, to look at beautiful textiles and do lots of shopping - I hope! But first of all, I can finally show one of the latest dolls, as I heard this morning that The Bunny Herder has now arrived at her new home in the USA!

She is a cloth and clay doll created for my dear friend Shell at The Raspberry Rabbits. The BH is made in the style of a Dresden shepherdess, and she is supposed to have an angelic and calm demeanour- but is a thing possessed if someone threatens her furry friends! She is carrying one of her charges. She needs the shorter skirts and big suede boots as you have to wade through a lot of mud looking after bunnies, and silk shoes simply would not cut it!

Her liccle bunny:

Do please hop over to say hello to Shell, I can guarantee you'll enjoy her wonderful blog, fabulous quilting, and her amazing sense of humour!

I've had a lovely week of exciting things coming in the mail. Best of all were these beautiful, tiny fairy shoes, which were a gift from Jill at Bois-fleurie ( isn't that a wonderful blog name!)

Aren't they exquisite? Jill is based in France and she creates the most gorgeous dolls and other items which are just so pretty, charming and stylish. Please go and visit her!

I have several lovely new books including the delightful, The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking - ready for my course in September, and this one, Omiyage by Komiko Sudo. Omiyage is Japanese for 'gift'. This book is simply scrummy and contains many different hand stitched projects, which would make wonderful gifts. My mouth has been watering!

The instructions arrived for the doll I'll be making at Patti Culea's class - wow, the supplies list is huge! I also think I must practice free machine embroidery over the next few weeks! I'll also be re-starting my drawing course in a few weeks and I'm planning a new character, although he may have to take a back seat until the pre-lim work for Patti's doll gets done ( Aha - you know it's going to be male now....)

I'll let you know what I end up buying tomorrow! x


  1. That little bunny is so cute! And it's exciting to hear about everything you've got lined up, sounds like a busy time :)

  2. Have a great day at the show. Can you see my screen going green?
    Your little dolly is so very cute. Love her suede shoes and I am sure your swap partner is going to love her. Lucky you those shoes are gorgeous.

  3. Lovely to hear you so busy and sounding so happy.=)

    The doll looks great, and I too love the littly bunny!

    Looking forward to seeing your buys later on and also to seeing your drawing course re-start.

    6 more days and we're on the road again. It's our farewell do today, so I'm just taking a break from cleaning and clearing up in preparation...

  4. I like your clay doll very much, I saw the one Shashi made as well and think its so interesting to do so many different things.I went to a Brocante this morning and bought a pile of lace annd threads. It helped stop my envy about your visit to the show.
    Thanks for your mention of the little shoes it was kind. jillx

  5. Well you know that I will treasure this doll forever! Thanks again for such a beautiful gift Jules! I love it!

    You have so many exciting things coming up. I'm looking forward to hearing about all of them. In fact, how was the quilt show today?

    xx, shell and sugie bunny


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