Thursday 12 August 2010

Bit of news and - do you remember?....

I have been enjoying catching up with my favourite blogs!
The last few weeks have been busy, but art and craft have had to take a back seat. I'm pondering what to do with the rest of my life. My organisation is in a state of flux ( those of you in the UK will know all about the current issues with government cuts, and the civil service is very severely affected). There's a possibility of voluntary redundancy at work, and I'm not sure quite what to do! I'm not really satisfied with what I'm doing any more ( 20 years working in the environmental sector mean I've seen a lot of changes, and I don't think the latest ones bode well for the UK). I've got an idea about what I could do, but I'm lacking in the confidence I need.
So there is lots to think about, and I'm considering going to see a life coach to help me get my ideas in perspective.

Meanwhile, although I haven't been posting I have been doing quite a lot. I have signed up to do a patchwork and quilting class at the local college (for improvers - the tutor said I didn't need beginners after we'd chatted, I felt really proud!) It's starting in September and will be a real challenge for me!

I've joined a local embroidery group which meets up one evening a week and I've volunteered to help out at our local village show, as well as entering some of the classes. Plus I have to re-start my Open College of the Arts course, and I'm looking forward to doing that.

Last weekend was taken up with sorting out the spare room ready for me to have a space for both my sewing and art/craft. I now have all my supplies and fabric stash sorted out, and loads of extra cupboard space - now to get rid of the bed and get the new furniture. I'm looking at something like this for my machine.

We also booked a holiday in the Lake District, which I'm excited about as it's somewhere I love dearly and haven't been back to for a few years, so look out for some Beatrix Potter posts soon!
I still can't show the new dolls - but should be able to very soon......

Now back, back in the mists of time.....(cue dry ice machine and lots of swirly fog....) to last November and the new kitchen being put in. I promised I'd post about it when it was completed, as as regular readers will know, that has not been quite as straightforward as I hoped! But, in the last couple of weeks we have finally got the bottom plinths sealed and at last I can present the 'before' and 'after' pictures to you.

I have put in more 'before' to try and show you how bad it was - and although these were taken just prior to the builders coming in, I promise we had removed no doors etc, it's exactly as it was when I arrived here. I scrubbed regularly to within it to an inch of it's life, but it was simply - horrible. I remember my first sight of it - total shock! Provided Andy could heat up his ready meal, sleep and play with his computers, life was fine - then he met me!

So here we are:

In all its glory!

Note the delightful central focus point of the large blue plastic bin in the space where the cooker should have been. ( They wired it in on the opposite wall - I never understood that!)

Close up of the cracked tiles and attractive ( peeling) 70's wallpaper.

The old boiler, oh, the pain of remembering......

And now, at long last.... Ta da!!!

Our lovely new beech kitchen - not counting the beautiful new walls, floor and ceiling. Bliss. Now you can see how happy I am, only another three rooms to go........ x


  1. Hi Jules!!
    Oh my gosh!!! Your new kitchen is fantastic! I looooooooooooove it! Bravo on a job well done my friend!
    It seems you have been very busy indeed with lots of fun adventures. I know how you feel about the job thing. Very scary. So many of us can relate and share in your worry. It's hard to grow up isn't it? ;)
    hugs to you dear one.

  2. Jules, I love those cupboards!! And I know what you mean about lacking confidence. I am kind of where you are career-wise at the moment. Seems I've reached an age when I am no longer brave enough to just jump in without knowing how deep, how cold, or how dirty the water is, never mind wondering what might be lurking in it! Ah to be young an fearless again!

  3. Fantastic! Love the whole lot - kitchen, sewing cupboard, future plans, the works! Love the new blog layout too - so uncluttered and really attractive!

    Onwards and upwards, Jules!

  4. Your kitchen looks fabulous. That must lighten your spirits. I remember the problems boilers can give!

    Its exciting that you have joined so many courses. I have just signed up for a few at Bangor Uni.

    About work. Its difficult. Could you manage financially if you took a drop in income? I officially handed in my notice in May. I hadn't worked for a long while due to maternity leave, but the thought of returning and dealing with constant threats of redundancy, organisational changes and office politics that prevent you from just getting on with your work was too much to take on for me right now. I think I made the right decision. And as for income, it doesn't take too long to readjust to a lower budget.

    You only have one life. Sometimes the unhappiness work can give is just not worth the time it consumes.

  5. Hi Jules,
    So lovely to see you back and busy! Wow, what a transformation. I really like the new kitchen! :-)
    I bet you almost live in the kitchen now, because it looks so lovely.
    I think that confidence is up and down for many people right now. I feel this too. All we can do is to just keep doing the things that we love and keep positive.
    I enjoyed reading your comment about the beautiful fox in your garden. Have a lovely weekend fox watching! x :-)

  6. We have been working here on and off for years and right now a stone porch is going up. At least its outside. But like your lovely kitchen it will be worth it. All those classes how I envy you. I would be delighted to give you a pair of the little shoes, I have made too many and don't really know what to do with them. Any colour preferance? If you would like me to send you a pair send me your address please. My E-mail is Hugs Jill

  7. Thanks to the wonders of Google, we here at the OCA have picked up that you are planning to restart your course. Great stuff. Hope you enjoy it!

    Best wishes

  8. Your kitchen is fabulous darling!!!!


  9. Oh Jules, so many new things in your post this time. To start off with, anyone who attends as many classes as you do and who has the talent that you do (can't wait to see the new dolls) does not need a life coach. You could BE a life coach!

    Now, on to the kitchen..WOW! I know you are thrilled with it. What a change. I love the stove, cupboards, everything. Great job!

  10. Your new kitchen is lovely. Isn't it a joy to have a brand new kitchen.
    I do hope whatever decision you take regarding your job will be the best for you and you will be happy. I know the feeling. I too went through that a few years ago.

  11. Hi Jules:) Great cupboards you did an excellent job! I hope everything works out for you with your job situation. Things are tough and I pray for better days for everyone. I'm happy to hear from you.

  12. Wow, that sounds like so many exciting things going on! And the kitchen looks great :)

  13. oh my that was an awful mess! the new one looks great! have you cooked in there yet? i wouldn't let anyone near that space!!

  14. so nice to have a new kitchen. Great to hear you are feeling better. Perhaps you need to step back and think about what job you would do if you could have any job in the world and then see if you can get that job.
    Easier said than done I know but might be a starting point.
    Even if you fail at least you will have tried and not spend years thinking if only I had...

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  16. yea, a new kitchen, that must be so wonderful to have! Your Autumn sounds as though it will be inspiring and full of artful project. Wishing you a wonderful time at the lake!


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