Sunday, 17 October 2010

Where is the time going?

I am just so busy at the moment. It's great, but my blog is suffering.

All my activities are going really well and I have lost 4lb in the last 2 weeks, which I'm delighted about. I feel I have more energy and vitality than for a very long time. The weather has been lovelyfor the last few days, so we have been catching up outside, clearing the veggie garden and preparing for the autumn, and then we had a beautiful walk in the Forest of Dean ( just across the River Severn) yesterday, of which more later.

Now - I promised holiday pics of the gorgeous English Lake district so here are some - at last!
We only scratched the surface, I can't wait to return. Do click on the links to find out more as there are more stunning pictures on many of the linked sites.

The Lakes have everything for me, and are the perfect autumn place. The quality of the light is wonderful, the scenery incredible, wildlife and plant life are in abundance, and there is historical and cultural reference everywhere. So many writers and artists have loved and been inspired by the area, from Wordsworth to John Ruskin, and of course Beatrix Potter!

This was the view from the top of the hill behind our cottage, beautiful Tarn Hows.

Two of the amazing ( life size) sculptures which take you by surprise in the Grizedale Forest!

The Steam Yacht "Gondola" on Coniston, sadly we didn't get a chance to take a trip!

Medieval wall painitings in the Church at Hawkshead, our nearest village ( and one of the prettiest places ever!)
The view from the churchyard - stunning!

This is now the Beatrix Potter Gallery, housing wonderful original works, but was originally the offices of her husband, William Heelis', solicitors firm.

This was so pretty, we had tea here.
Waiting excitedly to get into Beatrix Potter's Hill Top ( me not Andy, he was very good about it though!) You must go in by timed ticket as it's so small.....
Part of the wonderful stone circle at Castlerigg, which I managed to take without anyone in shot ( no mean feat!)
The view from Castlerigg.
I will not bore you with the many, many pictures I took of fungi and lichens, but these stood out. This log looked like something out of a fairy tale -

The fairies held a feast, and left their goblets behind in their haste to get away...

And this is more to do with giants. That's Andy's hand and believe me, he's not small - this monster was enormous, more like a tray then a dinner plate!

I will try and do a crafty post this week, and to catch up with everyone's blogs in between finishing Patti's doll, and doing my patchwork and embroidery class homework, oh and going to work and fitness classes. What has happened to my world?

My Horn sewing cabinet comes tomorrow. Sew excited (sorry)!

Have a wonderful week.x


  1. Wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Jules, your world is ultra busy right now but at least you took time out to go to the beautiful English Lake District. I especially love the mountains in the view from Castlerigg. It looks like a real fairy is almost as though you did a digital collage of the picture (although I know you did not) I wish I had more time last summer to go to some of the areas you feature on your posts. England is gorgeous!

    PS: Congrats on the weight loss.


  3. Love the pictures, Jules! Thanks so much for sharing and for the link to that great forest!! Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. But from what you have told us in your last two posts, I think in this instance that is a good thing!

  4. Lovely photos Jules. Reminds me of the times I have been there and I have been there several times and I never tire of it.

  5. Lucky you i would spend the whole day looking at the scenery. Love your photos

  6. Hi Jules! Fantastic photos...! One of my dreams is to travel through the UK, visiting these wonderful historical locations; absorbing the beautiful countryside and villages! Thanks for sharing them... makes me even more determined to get there! We've been lucky enough to have a very quick trip to NZ which is beautiful also... Life has certainly been getting in the way of my blogging too... sadly my creativity time is limited too... Still, life is full of cycles isn't it? Look forward to your next post!
    Sandi xo

  7. Your pictures are stunning! To answer your question you posted in my comment section:

    You can. You can do anything you want to do my dear. Yeah.


    ~magickal squeezies~

  8. Hey Jules,
    Your holiday photos of the Lakes look great and I especially love the forest and your fairy fungus images. The mushroom goblets look amazing!
    It has been a great season for shrooms. ;-)
    Don't worry about doing regular posts on your blog. I totally understand how busy life can be sometimes. Especially with creative projects!
    Autumn blessings and love,

  9. Gorgeous pictures - I've been to that area quite a lot, but I'm still always pleased to see new things (like those sculptures - they're new to me).

  10. Jules, the photos are great, i should love to walk in the forest and come across the sculptures! I know just what you mean about time going by, its hard to fit it all in isn't it. Well done on loosing 4lb, im trying to loose some too!! ;-) x

  11. These pictures bring back happy memories. My mam lived in the Lakes for many years xJ

  12. I finally got around to looking at these pictures of your Lakes trip! Oh I can't wait to go back. I love Castlerigg and the view from there looks like the scary mountain I climbed in August...
    Hope you are well. Love from Witchmountain x


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