Sunday, 14 November 2010


Where is the time going?
I can hardly believe I have not posted for so long. I haven't been lying on my chaise longue eating choccies - honest! Although that sounds really good....

I have been really busy, quilting, embroidering and doll making, and there will be a new doll to share with you- very shortly I hope, she is almost complete. I've also been doing a lot of art work, but I'm not quite ready to show it just yet. Last week I did my first life coaching session - scary looking at yourself in such depth, but fun, and -I have lost just over half a stone so far - hooray!

So there is still a lot happening, and I just don't seem to have had time to get on line much. Anyway, here here are some pictures I took on a walk in the beautiful Forest of Dean ( the leaves are going now, sadly), but this was a magical autumn day a couple of weeks ago.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, and I will get round to visiting everyone soon I promise. x


  1. Don't sweat it honey, you've posted since I last did!!! AND I've sweet nothing to show...

  2. I have been wondering where you have been. I am looking forward to hearing about those classes you took recently. They sounded like such fun. Will watch for your new doll and other artwork.

    Glad all is going well with the life coaching too.


  3. Lovely Autumn. We are heading towards Summer. I can understand being too busy to post doing all those things! Can't wait to see some crafty pics.
    Congratulations on your weight loss. You must be feeling great!

  4. time flies when you are having fun

  5. Gorgeous. I have linked this post to mine. Hope you don't mind. I will remove it as quick as if you want me to? xJ

  6. Well I can't wait to see your doll and your art work. Congratulations on weight loss. I bet you feel wonderful


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