Sunday, 21 November 2010

Some creativity at last...

Just to prove I have been going to classes I thought I'd show you some of my blocks - so real quilters out there please look away now.

Actually I am really pleased at what I have achieved in class. I have deliberately chosen blocks I would not normally have dreamed of attempting, as they looked really complicated and have avoided any hand sewing or applique so far as that's where I feel safe and confident.

But of all the blocks I've done Rail Fence is my favourite, as it's really easy to do but looks so effective. I could probably manage a quilt in this one!

I managed to get the piecing reasonably accurate for this one, and was really proud.

Managed Wild Goose Chase at home by myself. (Smarty pants)

My nemesis - Mariner's Compass, please don't look too closely. But, I did it; (never again though) and I am pleased as no one else in the class has tried. Hmmm, I wonder why.....

I can't see me doing these types of block ever again, but it's fun going to the class and I've enjoyed the discipline. It has given me even more respect for quilters and their neatness and accuracy.

So, to dolls - and first, here is what happens when you attempt to make a tiny doll and cannot then gauge how to do the face properly! She's 10 inches long, but her arms and legs are about 1/3 inch wide. Many, many bad words were spoken during the turning process!
Button jointing her took longer and was more difficult than any other doll I've made.

This is the third teeny head I've needle sculpted/painted so far. I may have to call her Alice as it's certainly a case of "Off with her Head!" Ah well, practice makes perfect, I shall keep trying.

If the light is good I will post her big sis later today. x


  1. I didn't realize you were taking a quilting class. To me, all the pieces you have shown look perfect. The little doll. Oh my, how cute. What patience you have to fill those tiny arms! You'll get the face the way you want it soon. I just love seeing this in progress picture.

  2. Jules, what a lovely little doll. Look how far you have come in such a short time! Designing your own patterns. Just great!

  3. Beautiful quilt blocks Jules! Mariner's compass is so hard and you did a lovely job!
    xx, shell


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