Sunday 9 January 2011

For me? Thank you ! And many WIPS.....

I received a Christmas surprise in the post, but I've not been able to take a picture until today as the light has been so dreadful. Today we saw the sun - at long last. It's not brilliant for pictures so I apologise for the poor quality, but it is a big improvement.

Isn't this ornament pretty and really charming?

Soooo pretty!

It was made by my dear friend Michelle May's (over at the Raspberry Rabbits) clever husband David, and sent to me along with a beautiful handmade card and some of her signature raspberry dark chocolate yummy treats (Yes, ok, I admit it, I ate them, immediately - and scrumptious they were too.)

The lace is captured inside the glass, I have no idea how - and I don't care, I just like to admire it! It's much too nice to keep just for Christmas and my niece had bought me the cute jewellery tree, which has instead become a place to hang my favourite handmade trinkets. Thank you so much Shell,( and David of course) for this great surprise.

I had a crafting frenzy two days before Christmas and made lingerie bags, sock bags, pincushions, paperweights and two sets of patchwork table mats and coasters for the family. Phew! Dunno what came over me! Oh yes I do, panic. I felt very fulfilled though.

I also had a day getting on with Li Mei, the doll I began in Patti Culea's workshop in October. I am determined to finish her in the next couple of weeks. Remember I said that please. I actually silk painted the crepe de chine for the jacket twice as I was not happy with what I did on the course, and that took a while. I shall show you in the finished pic.

'Well at least she had the decency to put the dress on before she took my picture, I've been freezing for 3 months. '

I have made her clothes but have all the embellishing to do, most of which has to be done by hand. Trying to sew and iron the silk charmeuse dress is not something I feel I can ever repeat! Here she is waiting for her obi to be put on (and her hair!) We used Markal paintsticks to do the face, which were great fun and a new departure for me. She is supposed to be a sort of Tibetan Chinese girl, hence the slight slant to her eyes.

Do you remember this little doll with the eyes too big for her head? Well, I realised the tiny, fairy, paperclay head I had, for some bizarre reason, begun to sculpt, was exactly the right size, so it was 'off with her head' and work out a way to get the clay one on!

'What are you doing with those scissors? Aaaaargghhhh! Help! Noooooooo..........................'

I put the cotton reel in the photo for scale, the face is just over half an inch (about 2cm). I think it's going to work a lot better than the cloth idea, but I still have to paint it - hmm yes, well....

'Ello, I'm Fairy 'Ardknutt... where's me steel toecapped boots gorn?....'

And this odd looking creature is something I have been working on, using up some old jewellery wire and foil under papier mache. I know what it will be, but not exactly how I will get it there, as it is growing in a very, shall we say, organic way!

Not a lot you can say about this really?

I have so many ideas buzzing around at the moment for new dolls and figurative items, but today I have spent the day drawing, using some of the great art books I received for my birthday and Christmas, as I am determined to improve my skills. I must re start my OCA course before March too!

The cardigan is progressing well. Just need to complete the right front, and then the sleeves and it will be done! Thanks for all the knitting support from those who do and those who don't! I must say I am hooked now, and excited at the prospect of having a garment where the sleeves are not too long, because I said so!

Finally, I would just like to tell you this bit of impressive news, and in the spirit of blogging do a bit of promotion for Rachel Cotterill (who is a human dynamo, with such a varied and interesting blog; and she is so young!) Rachel has written and self published her first novel (a historical fantasy adventure) and it's getting great reviews on Amazon.

I love this type of book and am enjoying reading it very much, so if any of you, or friends and family like this genre, do check out Rachel's blog here.

Happy creating.x


  1. That's such a beautiful ornament, what a wonderful gift! And I love the tree you've hung it from.

    And thanks so much for the shout-out, I appreciate it hugely :)

  2. Hi Jules! So glad you like your ornament. It's pretty easy to make. Just two pieces of glass with lace between. Copper foil around the edges and then soldier the copper edges. David does a lot of stained glass work. the part about "off with her head" made me laugh so hard!! You are so funny!! I can't wait to see how the new head looks. Still laughing!
    I shall hop over and visit with Rachel. You know I love a good story!
    xx, shell

  3. Honestly, Jules! You have been going strong! Is there an occupancy limit on your house? I hope not!! Love the little ornament. And I think Li Mei will be patient as she knows you want nothing but the best for her. Fairy 'Ardnutt's new head looks good, though I liked the one with the large eyes, too. I am a sap for bit doe eyes! Keep up the good work!

  4. Great start on the new year! Your dolls are coming along nicely. I usually can't start more than one at a time but there you go with several!

    Thanks for the tip on the book. I will check it out. Looking forward to seeing these little gems finished.

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  6. Hi Jules,
    What a lovely gift from Michelle May. Her sewing work and home are very elegant. I must visit her soon and see what she is up too this year! :-)
    You sound quite excited about your new projects and starting the year off in a positive way!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely dolls completed and your new fairy shoes. Let me know when you open the Etsy shop, I will hearts your shop as a favourite!
    Roll on Spring and new creative energy for 2011.
    Really good to see you again. :-)
    Jo. xxx

  7. Looks like she's coming on nicely. Let me know if you need any Chinese characters for Li Mei's name - I have the perfect pair in mind.=)

  8. Hi Jules,
    Can't wait to see how the papier mache doll turns out. You are full steam ahead with your doll making at the moment!

  9. Lovely to read about how busy you are, I too can't wait to see how your papier mache doll turns out and the one you started on the P.M.C. course. I already love her dress.

  10. The ornament is just lovely and you are so busy with the wonderful dolls! I look forward to seeing them all come together. Blessings to my blogging friend!

  11. Aren't you a lucky lady to give a home to that beautiful ornament. Your dolls are coming along nicely and you know experimenting with all sorts of things really makes dollmaking that much more interesting and what a lot we learn along the way.

  12. I'd love to see where you took the dolls you were working on. I have one in progress too. It's exciting to see who they become.



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