Monday, 26 November 2012

Cosy-Up Crochet Blankie Edging pattern

 A lot of you liked this - thank you for all the sweet comments, and a few of you asked about the pattern, which is just a simple granny square, so it's been written hundreds of times before, I'm sure. The border is something I adapted from somewhere, and there will be similar patterns all over the net, but I've had a go at reproducing what I did.  A blanket like this is a great project for a new crocheter and you can really enjoy choosing a colour palette to make it unique for you.

This is the first time I've ever tried to actually write up a crochet pattern, so if you find any mistakes, please let me know so I can change it.  I haven't put detailed instructions about stitches etc, as there are loads of tutorials and videos out there which are much more professional than anything I can do!  Anyway, the whole thing was a really easy, fun project, and I found it very calming and relaxing too.  I found I got quite lost - and very snug while hooking it, which is a blessing on these grey cold November days.

Here's a quick photo tute for making the shell border,  (which also looks lovely made in a thinner yarn or crochet cotton and used as an edging for fabric items).

Just for info - I used Robin Double Knit* acrylic 100g (300m 328yds) for a blanket/throw 54 inches or 142 cm square - any similar DK weight would work.

2 balls each of:
Pale Rose (actually looks more lavender in the photos)

Size 4mm F/5 Hook

* I think this equivalent to light worsted weight or 8 ply, depending where you are in the world; and I've written the pattern in both UK and US terms.

Lacy Shell Edge
Here's a quick demo of this easy border. 
Dc (US sc) evenly all around completed granny square once or twice to give a foundation for your border stitches.
The pattern works over 7 stitches so depending how big your blankie/ is and how many dc/scs you have, you may have to tweak it!

 Make 1dc (US sc) into first stitch
 Make 2 chain, miss the next 2 stitches and then make a tr (US dc) in the next, (third) stitch from the hook. (Where my hook is pointing)

Make 3 more tr (US dc) into the same stitch to make a 'shell'.

 Make 2 chain, miss the next 2 stitches and make a dc (US sc) into the next, (third) stitch from the hook. That's the pattern!  Really easy and quick to do.

UK version:
With yarn A dc all around the blanket edge. 
hook into first st then make
 *1dc, 2 ch, miss 2 st,
4 tr into next st,
2ch, miss 2 st, 1dc*
repeat from*to*
until border is complete

With yarn A sc all around the blanket edge.
hook into first st then make
*1sc, 2 ch, miss 2 st,
4 dc into next st,
2ch, miss 2 st, 1sc*
repeat from*to*
until border is complete

Finally - some exciting stop press stitching news for lovers of antique needlework designs.
Nicola at Stitching by a Cornish Sea Shore, is having a Red Letter year in 2013 with an antique sampler challenge in conjunction with The Scarlet Letter.  If you enjoy stitching samplers, or just looking at them,  do go to her lovely blog and find out more.x


  1. It looks lovely. I'm not a good enough crocheter to proof-read your pattern, I'm afraid!

  2. lovely colour way you have here for the blanket, the edging instructions are very clear, thanks for sharing them.Will make a note of them for future use.

  3. Thank you, thank you.

    I really liked your blanket and will save the pattern.


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