Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Owls and Flying Elephants

Colour is definitely taking over in this household. Here's what I created to decorate great nephew Charlie's room.

Hooty owls up in the sky,

Watching elephants flying by.....

This was originally going to be a mobile, but I wanted something which would hang anywhere and be easy to move about. Amazing what you can do with a just a pile of felt scraps, some ribbons and an old wire coat hanger! I made up some templates (using the same elephant I drew for Charlie's birth sampler).

Each face is embroidered slightly differently -  Mr Green Owl looks a bit pompous!

This one looks a bit spaced out......

The elephants are rather jolly!

I'm pleased with how this came out, and it was a very cheery thing to make. I hope Charlie will enjoy the bright colours.

Have you made any treasures from re-purposed or recycled things lately?

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  1. What fun colours perfect for a nursery.

  2. a lovely piece for little ones. Good to hear you are feeling better, I just popped over from SF after seeing your comments

  3. Oh this is so cute. Love the bright and cheerful colours. I am sure it will keep Charlie entertained for hours

  4. Love your sweet little felt animals...I'm sure baby Charlie will love them too!


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