Monday, 28 January 2013

Cheerful Ripple Crochet Blanket Pattern

Another blanket is finished! This is my 'Cheerful Ripple', and I'm  really pleased at how snuggly and cosy it's turned out. It's been so dismal and grey (even the snow was grey) to perk things up I wanted some random brightness, and something simple to do while himself and I watch DVDs in the evening. We don't have a tv and haven't for years, but we do love our films and certain series, so we just watch those. Can't say I miss the adverts!

The pattern is  easy peasy, so I thought I'd share it. It's just sets of 14 treble stitches, plus three turning chains.
I used Robin Double Knit* acrylic 100g (300m 328yds) for a blanket/throw 46 x 52 inches or 117x133 cm - any similar DK, light worsted weight or 8 ply, depending  which continent you're on - would do.

50g ball each of 11 colours of your choice, mine were:
Pale Rose ( looks more lavender in the photos)
Acid yellow

Size 5mm H/8 Hook

To decide on my colour scheme, I cut a small piece of each colour yarn and play about until I'm happy with the arrangement and the order. Then I tape it onto a piece of white card to keep as a reminder, like a  swatch.

If you use US terms UK treble is a double crochet so just substitute dc.

Tr3tog - * yoh, insert hook into the next st,  yoh, pull through, yoh, pull through first 2 loops, rep from * twice, yoh, draw through all 4 loops on hook

Chain 14 and repeat until you get your desired width. Then add three more stitches.

Row 1
Skip the first 2 ch (this counts as 1 tr),
2 tr into next ch,
*1tr into next 3 ch
then using the next 3 stitches tr3tog
again, using the next 3 stitches tr3tog
1 tr into next 3 chain
3 tr into next 2 chain*
Repeat from * to * all the way to the end of the row and make sure you end with 3tr.

Row 2
Chain 3 (counts as 1 tr)
2 tr into first stitch
* 1tr into next 3 stitches
then using the next 3 stitches tr3tog
again, using the next 3 stitches tr3tog 1 tr into next 3 stitches
3tr int next 2 chain*
Repeat from * to * all the way to the end of the row and end with 3tr.

Repeat Row 2 pattern twice,then fasten off and  join in  a new colour
Do this twice more, joining a new colour at the end of every second row.
On Row 9 do only one row before changing colour. You can see where I've done this on the piccie below)  So every 9th row has only one 'ripple' instead of 2. Repeat from the beginning until you have your desired length.

I decided on a simple plain edging in red and blue to 'frame' the ripples. Crochet three rounds in dc (US sc), at each corner crochet 4 dc into the corner stitch to 'make' your corner. The last two rounds are in htr, again you make 4 stitches into each corner stitch. That's it, I hope it makes sense, but I'm sure someone will tell me if it doesn't!

Crochet blankets must, of course, meet my teddy test. Himself's gorgeous Blue Ted ( aged 50) and my adorable Cuddles (a mere babe at 46) think it's great! You may wonder why they are both in such immaculate condition....

Well,  I asked for a new teddy when I was 7 and everyone said I was too old, except my lovely Auntie Mary (who also started me embroidering). She bought Cuddles for my birthday and I  treated him like a mascot rather than a toy. ( At one stage he did have an 'Osmonds' top which I embroidered, and briefly one for the Bay City Rollers and a tartan scarf, but - hey- I was very young!) He's beautiful and still has his growl.
Blue Ted's story is very sad. Adored by his little owner and taken everywhere (and yes, I mean everywhere) he dropped into the potty one day- while it was being used. Despite being washed and cleaned thoroughly, he was cast aside by his owner - (how sad to be so fickle at such a young age!). I am just very glad he was kept. He is a Wendy Boston bear, an iconic British 1950's and 60's design - and extremely cute.

You'll be happy to hear Blue Ted got over his traumatic experience and has now been fully rehabilitated, living happily in the hug with the other bears. Keep snug!x


  1. Very Pretty. I love the colors and the pattern. Thanks for sharing, I am sending it to my daughter.

  2. It's wonderful and indeed, it has made me smile and feel happy on these cold, dark, winter days.

  3. what a colourful blanket, so cherry and thank for the instructions, another thing to add to the list and with having the instructions to hand I have no excuse not to have a go.

  4. What a lovely bright blanket for a cold winter day :-)

  5. Loved this post and brought back memories of my teddy who is sadly departed many moons ago. I remember the Bay City Rollers and who could forget Donny.

    Your blanket is a splash of sunshine perfect to cuddle under on a dark winter's day.

  6. Your happy ripple looks like a real snuggle type blanket. The colors surely will help brighten these cold winter days. Loved hearing about your cute story of the bear you got when you were 7. LOL...

  7. What pretty colours you have used

  8. Just been checking out your blog Jules and I love your colourful blanket - Jayne

  9. No entiendo muy bien lo de Tr3tog, habria la posibilidad de encontrar el patron dibujado?

  10. Thank you so much, at last I have found a pattern that worked for me - very clear & easy to follow, I have spent many hours today trying to keep a ripple pattern right with little success - I don't want to put my "test" piece down, hopefully I can transfer this pattern to a large blanket in the near future.

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  13. it sounds easy I would like to make a 60 by 90 but not sure how much yarn and how many chains are needed to start if you can help I would be really appreciate it thank you. ginnie

  14. Love the Bright Bold Colors. Perfect for my daughter and granddaughter, I am having trouble with the words you use. Got the double stitch. I hope to figure it out. TR vog I hope you can help

  15. I love this blanket .
    Thank you so much first sharing .
    God Bless

  16. HI, I am sorry to be dense, but as a beginner, could I ask for a bit more clarification please? Are you able to reply direct to my email I looooove the look of this and would love to make it for one of my grandchildren, or several of them... Starting off, you have Tr3tog - * yoh, insert hook into the next st, yoh, pull through, yoh, pull through first 2 loops, rep from * twice, yoh, draw through all 4 loops on hook. . Is all that stuff after the * the description of the Tr3tog? or after the Tr3tog.? I'm in Australia so think I'll be using dc, is that start exactly the same? Again, apologies but I am a beginner and not used to reading patterns. Cheers


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