Thursday 7 February 2013

Crochet /buggy blanket and a sneaky peak...

I spent all day making up a huge bag in calico for a workshop I've been commissioned to do and I'm shattered! But I just thought I'd share my latest blanket (yes, another one, and I now have a sore wrist so have to ease up on the hooking!) This is a pram/buggy blanket for my great nephew and it has the most gorgeous edging which I will write up and share with you,  because it's so scrummy.

So, here it is, draped over my 'rescue' basketwork chair. This lovely old thing was going to be put in a skip, and despite some  damage underneath was in good condition, so we saved it from the tip and now it's having a makeover. The smart bows hide a multitude of things! Next stop - cushions.

 And here's a sneaky peek of my latest project (what can it be?) x


  1. your crochet blanket is lovely and I am sure your great nephew will feel very snug and warm wrapped up in it

  2. That is a gorgeous blanket!and I think that is a cute little bunny rabbit in making.

  3. Your blanket is so beautiful~I've got to ask though-being from the States, what is a skip? I'm assuming it's a trash dump of some kind..never heard the term and love to learn new things.

  4. OOh Jules i love your blanket, funny as I was just saying to Mr O this evening I would like to make a wee blanket for our due in June grandchild! Hmm now i wonder am I brave enought to give soething like this a try. Also love that you rescued the sweet chair, I love giving things a new lease of life too x Hope your wrist is back to normal soon x


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