Sunday, 26 May 2013

Portishead Harbour

 Look at the clear blue skies and  architecture of this harbour -  have we popped off to the Mediterranean you may ask?

 Maybe it's a quick trip across the channel to Nice?

 Nope, it's the beautiful English county of Somerset - and this is the small town of Portishead,  which is about 10 minutes away from our home. It's on the estuary of the River Severn,  which divides England from Wales. The harbour area has been re developed in recent years and it looks amazing. Fortunately, the original harbourside cottages and buildings have been integrated into the new design. Here you can see how the old lighthouse has  a new lease of life.

We sat with a coffee watching people stroll along - and the swifts busily building their nests under the eaves of this lovely old  blue cottage,  quite oblivious to all the human activity below them! It must be an ideal spot next to the estuary - no shortage of mud at low tide.

The many swans were enjoying the sunny weather, and I managed to get this shot of nature in harmony with the new architecture around the area. One little boy called out to his daddy that the 'swans were running on the water!' and it did indeed looked like that!

I'm not nomally a big fan of built up areas, but this development has been done beautifully, and the little town beyond is one of my favourite places.

It felt like a real treat to be out on a Sunday afternoon in such lovely weather - I just hope it stays around a bit longer!x


  1. good to see your photos of Portishead, my SIL`s parents lived there for ages but then moved to Sheffield when they retired to be nearer family know where I would rather be and it is not Sheffield!

  2. Mmmm....would love to stroll the streets and shop! I love seaside villages. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Another beautiful village in England. How fortunate you are to be able to drive to all the seaside locations and enjoy the ambiance! Thanks for showing. I can at least be there vicariously~

  4. Lovely to see the blue sky over England and the beauty of the port. I love the photo of the sailing boats. Thanks for commenting a stroll through a Hungarian little town of 38.000 inhabitants with 250 dental offices.

  5. I am giving you a liebster award With 7 fellow bloggers. I hope you visit my blog to see your award. I am Jei of CuteyPatutyCrochet Thank You and God Bless

  6. What a beautiful area and how nice to have it so close to home! Lovely pictures - that blue sky is gorgeous. I hope your nice weather continues!

  7. Looks like you had a glorious day. Only the other day someone commented and said. England looks so beautiful when the sunshines. It is indeed beautiful.

  8. Portishead looks beautiful, isn't the weather great at the moment, mustn't speak too soon!

  9. Hi Jules,
    Well, what a glorious day you had in Portishead! ;-)
    I have only seen the sky that blue in Australia and New Zealand. Your photos look just like Wellington harbour.
    It is hard to believe the sky can be that blue in England, and it looks like a very hot day too!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, it makes me want to visit there and see the pretty harbourside cottages.


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