Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Quackers!

Ruby's little friend is a bit late in arriving, as this week I designed some things for the shop for Christmas. These little ducks sit beautifully - and will 'flap' their wings! They're really easy to make and look very decorative. I went for a red and white Scandinavian look, but they'd be pretty in more traditional fabrics too, or for any season!

The stripy one is a duck and the gingham one's a drake -don't ask-  I just know!:)
 I'll have a pattern for the ducks and for Ruby very soon.

And an embroidery pattern went on sale!  Six little redwork designs ( here made into tree decorations) with instructions and stitch guide. These are now hanging on the big tree in the shop window and I'm very proud!


  1. It seems only reasonable for the maker to know her ducks from her drakes. In fact - worrying if she didn't!
    It's looking good, I'm not surprised you're pleased...

  2. All your projects are adorable and fun.

  3. both the ducks and tree decorations are a lovely addition to a home for Xmas

  4. Seeing ducks on the canal everyday, I'm very familiar with them and these are the perfect shape - love them. Hope Ruby does chase them!

  5. Jules - The quackers are so sweet! I love your redwork designs! They make wonderful ornaments - it looks like red and white gingham on the back of the snowman? - Gorgeous!

  6. Oh I have neglected my blog buddies but hope to keep up with you from now on unless life gets in the way again.
    Jules I adore your wonderful little critters.


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