Sunday, 5 July 2009

Messing about....

Do you ever feel that there are some things which you are not meant to do? Take me and my sewing machine. Now, I've finally, after years of struggling, cracked the plain sewing bit - but the realms of free machine embroidery are completely beyond me, it seems. I bought a book, but that hasn't helped! If any of you kind ladies have any tips I'd be so grateful.

Here is my list of machine related disasters:

1. All my embroidery hoops are too deep! I have to put the hoop in, then the fabric, then the other hoop, before I can fix them!
2. How do you get the tension right? I've tried every setting and it still loops below.
3. How do you stop the machine running away with you? (ok, I think that is probably down to me!)
Then the needle broke!

I did, despite all this, manage to do a bit of stitching on the wings of my Flat Fairy Fallabella.

Just having a bit of a play around, I sketched her out and decided to make her out of cotton and vilene. I wanted to use organza and silk for her outfit and to try distressing it. Of course, I have no heat tool, but when has that ever stopped me! So, (with fortunately no serious fire damage or burns!) I used a candle instead. She's come out ok, and will be going on the cover of a journal (I think).

Yesterday after a long week, including 15 hours to Leeds and back for a meeting, (please don't mention the heat and delayed trains, Grrrrrrr!) I visited a lovely craft shop and treated myself to a few necessities I couldn't possibly live without! You know the sort of thing, unbleached silk tops and tyvek.....

Anyway, sorry, I'm going off the point here, I also bought some more felting needles and today I made my very first tiny teddy. He is not quite 2 inches tall! Teddy just sort of happened, I didn't have a pattern, and he appeared from nowhere. I rather like him though and I'm quite proud he turned out reasonably bear- like. I'll try and do it properly next time.

He's going to be a good luck teddy for my lovely cousin who starts chemo for breast cancer on Wednesday. We're having a little family get together tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to.


  1. I love your fairy and teddy! The burned edges on the fairy are just the thing! As for the sewing machine looping - mine is doing that now, too, and I am taking it to a pro. I give up!

  2. Best of luck to your cousin. I'm sure having something handmade from you will mean a lot to her at this time.

  3. Your fairy is delightful! I generally don't use a hoop for free motion stitching - only if the piece of fabric is very small. A hoop tends to jump around and - yes - leave loops for me. I prefer to use a stabilizer and a piece large enough to get a good hold of. Beyond that, practice, practice, practice! until you can move the fabric smoothly and maintain even speed with your machine. I'm still working on that. LOL!

  4. Cute teddy bear and fairy. I wish the best for your cousin. Try this website for some ideas on Thread painting and look at my older posts when I was in Chicago.
    The book is wonderful and very helpful. Thanks for stopping at my blog and blessings to you. Jenna Louise

  5. I feel the same about machines and hoops, in fact mine is still in the corner of the room with the bobbin bit all knotted up with red cotton, grrrr.I hope the bear brings your cousin luck.
    Thanks for all your nice comments too :@)

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