Friday, 6 December 2013

Beautiful Bath Spa

I've been promising for ages to do a post about the City of Bath, so here it is! These photos are not all mine as it was such a cold , grey day when I went last week. It was still  a beautiful city,  but these pictures do it more justice.

 This is the famous Bath Abbey -  normally the square is full of tourists!

 The Roman Baths - another popular tourist destination,  and a fascinating place.

  Pultney Bridge. I sat on one of the seats on the left bank and ate my lunch!

There are some great shops and eateries on the bridge itself.

 Some of the beautiful Georgian houses in Royal  Crescent.

The doorman at the Jane Austen Centre in C19th costume. I've never been in,  but it is a huge attraction. Every September they hold a Jane Austen Festival in Bath and loads of people dress up in Regency costume,  with all sorts of activities taking place. I  know there are quite a few Janeites reading this,  so you may want to  take a look at the link!

Sally Lunn's tea rooms -  the oldest house in Bath. There is a museum in the cellar area.

The famous Pump Rooms;

and some of the views inside. 

Every year there's a Christmas market  with the wonderful backdrop of the floodlit abbey.

So - there's a whistlestop tour for you!

Andy and I  just met at Sharon's Blogger's meet up a few weeks ago, and happily discovered we live relatively close to each other. We went to the Tea House Emporium and  of course had tea - and yummy cakes. There are over 100 teas to choose from,  but we managed!

She then produced this gorgeous surprise present. An  exquisitely stitched lavender bag with  silk ribbon embroidery, which  she'd made for me! I was really thrilled. I discovered Andy has many more talents -  she produced lots of lovely little redwork designs which she'd created and brought along to show me.

 I'm looking forward to  a return visit to Bath very soon - I wish you could  join us.

Finally, I'd like to say welcome and 'Thank You'  to all my new readers for joining me!x


  1. Bath is a lovely city, and it's great to think of you and Andy having another great meet up there!

  2. such a handsome city, thanks for the photos you have shared as I like many others have never been to Bath.
    How lovely to have found a new stitching friend meeting up with Sharon whilst she was here, it is a lovely lavender bag, love the smell of lavender, have planted shrubs either side of my path to the front door.

  3. Lovely taster of Bath, Jules - maybe others will join us next time! Very touched that you mentioned the lavender bag - thank you. Andy

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Nothing like that here in the states at all. NOTHING!

  5. Beautiful post Jules! I really enjoyed the pictures. How nice to meet up with a fellow blogger - that is a gorgeous lavender bag too - I love the embroidery!

  6. Bath is one of my favourite cities. Have visited it several times and I never get tired of it.

  7. Oh! I wish I could have been there too. If I ever make it across the pond, Bath will definitely be on my list of must-see destinations. (You know how I LOVE Jane :)))))

  8. Jules: It was remiss of me not to give credit for the inspiration behind the tiny lavender bag. On Kathy Andrews blog The Unbroken Thread back in November, she had made "A little lavender gift" for a friend's birthday. Much bigger than the one I made but still in variegated silk ribbons and threads. Do take a look - it is in the "older" section. Her other embroideries are wonderful too! A


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